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One-bilion world

One-bilion world

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ISBN: 9788577290888
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In this book the author analyses the current and predictable future situations of the world and discusses changes necessary for the construction of a peaceful sustainable global civilization based on principles summarized as follows: - The earth is finite in space, resources and capacities of its systems; - Man is adapted to the current equilibrium in the systems of the earth; - A healthy biosphere is essential for the equilibrium in the habitats for man; - The biosphere is maintained by photosynthesis in plants; - There is a limit to the size of the biosphere; - An increase of human population means a reduction of those of other species; - Perturbations in the biosphere as well as in other systems could break the equilibrium; - In a closed system the effective fertility rate of each species must be that of replacement; - There cannot be human rights that lead to the destruction of the community; - The concept of community needs to include all humanity and the biosphere; - Ultimately man will have to live with renewable resources; - The principles of economy need to be modified; - Equity requires a limitation to accumulation of wealth; - The meaning of life must be found in something other than procreation or consumption; - All ideals cannot be realized; - Some new rationality needs to be added to the rules of community; - Evolutionary success of homo sapiens will be greater in a small permanent community; - The earth can support indefinitely an abundant lifestyle in a limited global civilization; - Many wars were due to mismatches between human population and available resources; - Human population must be reduced.
Autor Yuji Ishiguro

Físico e pesquisador. Nasceu em 25.07.1939. Graduado em física no Japão e fez doutorado em engenharia nuclear nos Estados Unidos. Foi professor no Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares em São Paulo. Atualmente é pesquisador no Instituto de Estudos Avançados do Centro Técnico Aeroespacial em São José dos Campos. Possui inúmeros textos publicados em periódicos especializados. Reside em São José dos Campos, SP.

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